Governing Council

The Council consists of all the Heads of the Departments,the Physical Director and the Librarian. The College Council has the privilege of decision making and voicing important ideas in the developmental growth and the maintenance of the college.

S.No Name of the Council Member Designation & Department
1 Dr.S.Uvarajan Principal
2 Dr.E.Ezhilvasanthan Head, Dept. of Tamil
3 Mrs.R.Sumathi Head, Dept. of English
4 Dr.R.Manimurugan Head, Dept. of Commerce
5 Dr.V.Chandrasekar Head, Dept. of Mathematics
6 Dr.E.Manikandan Head, Dept. of Physics
7 Dr.N.Manoharan Head, Dept. of Computer Science
8 Dr.P.MOHANAVALLI Director of Physical Education
9 Dr.R.PERIASAMY Librarian and Head